We use two types of photography when shooting our V-Tours.

The first type is the standard using High Resolution Digital SLR Cameras. They take really good pictures and give a great impression.

The second type uses the same camera but a process called High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR). This process uses up to nine photos of the same scene in different exposure settings to capture a picture closer to the way the eye sees it. The resulting image is greatly enhanced in depth, color and quality. Just compare the two photos below.
Standard Photo
These look great and you can see some of the detail in the wood chairs, cabinet and floor.
HDR Photo
See how much more detail you can see in the window. In the wood work you can now see the grain of the wood in much more detail. The tile floor and rug under the table really look excellent, you can see the patterns in both and that is what makes a big difference. This type of photography actually pops off the page and gets your attention.
The top image is a standard shot and the bottom image is deveolped using the HDR process.